Daimler official thinks the cars and the Internet would be intertwined image

According to Ralf Lamberti, chief of the connected-car unit at Daimler – the parent company of Mercedes-Benz – thinks vehicles are today evolving to become an integral “part of the Internet.”

That means that besides the usual array of functions being implemented on most infotainment systems – allowing for seamless interaction with the owner’s smartphone or at least some sort of easy access to the Internet while in the car (4G connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc.), the car of the near future would also be “able to communicate with its environment and other vehicles.”

While seeing how the cars of the future would look like is still anyone’s guess, Lamberti says that at Daimler there are three fundamental directions: powertrain, automation and Internet communication. When it comes to the powertrain domain, the manager says that cars are constantly evolving towards moving from the traditional combustion engine towards electric propulsion. Second, the cars of the future would become increasingly automated, to the point that some of the driving scenarios could be handled by computers. The third point, his area of expertise, is the ties to the Internet. Daimler is not just content to delivering the Internet inside the cars, but wants to make the vehicles themselves a part of the Internet – networking and communication with other cars or the environment.

Via Automotive News Europe