Daimler Plans Recovery With the Lowest Priced Electric image

Daimler plans to re-establish its position as urban mobility pioneer with the first mass-produced EV by a German automaker.

In 1998 Daimler introduced the Smart car, planning an electric version of the model to make the automaker the urban transport leader. But by the time the model was becoming reality, the Smart had already been surpassed in city-car innovation. BMW’s Mini, compared with Daimler’s Smart, offers a wide range of versions from a roadster to a four-door crossover. Unfortunately, Daimler only offered a single model. Now the automaker will try to re-establish its place as a pioneer in urban mobility with the first mass-produced electric auto from a German automaker.

“Daimler has some catching up to do,” said Peter de Haan, an auto markets analyst at consulting company Ernst Basler + Partner in Zollikon, Switzerland. “The e-Smart is of symbolic relevance for the whole company.”

Besides the battery-powered model, Daimler also plans to introduce an e-scooter, an electric-powered bicycle and a four-seat car. But the automaker still has a lot of work to do, for example bringing down the 71 miles per gallon in the city to at least 22 to 41 miles per gallon reached by Mercedes flagship. Daimler will start delivering the model in the following weeks at 18,910 euro for the car.