Daimler Presents Innovative Transportation Concepts image

Daimler revealed to its customers its new concepts which will expand the role of vehicles beyond driving.

Daimler created a team of design, philosophy, construction and architecture experts, brought together by innovation and the desire to develop concepts which will make vehicles an integral part of future societies. The concepts are developed under the slogan ‘Future Needs Utopia’ and the first concept is ‘Giving back to the city’, which is expected to change the negative preconceptions related to vehicles by fitting them with philanthropic functions useful for the wider community.

Daimler said that a parked car could point children in the right direction if they are lost or help them safely cross the road thanks to its signals. The digital displays installed into the vehicle’s side panels could serve as advertising pillars and each car will be connected to the digital world without the need of a smartphone.

The ‘Double Purpose’ concept is aimed at minimizing the time a vehicle stays parked and out of use. For example while the owner is at work, his vehicle could be used as an autonomously driven taxi, generating extra income for the owner. The interior design can be easily changed to make it appropriate for public use and then converted back.