Daimler ready to increase spending in German factories image

Daimler AG, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, the third largest luxury automaker in the world, has decided to spend 750 million euros ($834 million) to upgrade and expand its assembly facility in Bremen, northern Germany.

The German automaker is modernizing the Bremen plant in preparation for the upcoming production introduction of two new models – the upcoming generation of the C-Class top selling lineup, next to a couple of additional models, according to a statement issued by Daimler AG. The two new models to be built in Bremen have not been detailed in any way, but German media reports pointed out the GLC Coupe is scheduled for launch sometimes next year, making it a feasible candidate for output in Bremen. Daimler added the investment is for the future of the production site, making it the main production location for its C-Class range, the brand’s top-selling models. The C Class is also produced in East London, South Africa, Beijing, in China and in Vance, Alabama, the United States.

The C-Class is built in three variants in Bremen – the sedan, coupe and wagon models, while the factory also produces the E Class Coupe and Cabriolet and the GLC sport utility vehicle. The plant also builds some of the brand’s sports cars – the SL and SLK. The factory built last year a total of 340,000 units, the second production site on a worldwide level after the largest production facility Mercedes has in Sindelfingen in southern Germany. The investment will also bring 500 new jobs at the assembly facility as part of the upgrade process.

Via Automotive News Europe