Daimler sees Q4 profit boost, Mercedes sells well in January image

As sales of the Mercedes-Benz brand had taken flight in 2013, Daimler posted a 45 % increase in fourth-quarter profit, and decided to raise its dividend while also expecting a huge profit improvement from its cars and trucks division in 2014.

Also, figures released yesterday for January’s sales saw Mercedes jump to 109,477 cars in January, up 15% from January 2013. Including its smart car sales, Mercedes-Benz sales in January went up 14% to 115,988 vehicles. Actions to improve its image in China came to fruition, as Mercedes recorded a 45% surge to 24,199 cars there.

“2013 was a year that we didn’t begin particularly well, but which we ended very successfully. Our efforts paid off,” Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche said in a statement. “Daimler is in a very good condition and our prospects for the future also make us confident that we will achieve our ambitious goals in all divisions.”

Because of increased demand for the new Mercedes-Benz CLA four-door coupe, its S-Class flagship and the addition of the new GLA small sport-utility vehicle and redesigned C-Class sedan, Daimler also forecast a “significant” increase in 2014 operating profit.

Daimler also reported fourth-quarter adjusted earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) of 2.53 billion euros ($3.42 billion), which made it propose a dividend increase to 2.25 euros a share, up from 2.20.

Via WSJ, Reuters, Bloomberg