Daimler Takes France Ban Issue to the Court image

Daimler said it will ask France’s Council of State to lift the ban the country put in July on certain Mercedes-Benz models.

Today, August 2nd, Daimler said that it plans to submit a temporary injunction against this ban. France has refused to register Mercedes models manufactured after June 12th which were fitted with the banned air conditioning refrigerant.

“We’re confident that there will be a ruling shortly,” the company said.

The EU banned the R134a air-conditioning coolant since the beginning of the year. The Mercedes models which have been blocked account for the most part of the automaker’s business in France and 2% of the global sales. At the end of last month the French administrative court lifted the ban for only one day, as the government vowed to maintain the ban.

Daimler considers that France’s decision to ban the vehicles was “absolutely inexplicable” and said that it would take legal action to solve this issue. Brussels officials said that they will consult with Paris and Berlin officials on this problem and bring Daimler and the French government together in September in an attempt to find a solution.

“The registration of Daimler/Mercedes vehicles classes A, B, CLA and SL remain banned in France as long as the company does not conform to active European regulation,” the environment ministry said.

Source: yahoo.com