The Mercedes-Benz company and its Works Council have agreed to modernize the Mercedes-Benz Sindelfingen Plant and to protect jobs in the long term. By 2012, Daimler will have invested €1.5 billion in the Mercedes-Benz Cars Sindelfingen Plant.

Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, said they are making enormous investments at their sites in Germany, while making necessary savings: “This approach is the basis for our success and the foundation of our growth strategy – Mercedes-Benz 2020.”

The €1.5 billion investment comes with the promise of a new product to be manufactured in Sindelfingen, a number of 100 new permanent jobs and also an increase in the number of apprentices.
Dr. Willi Reiss, Head of the Mercedes-Benz Cars Sindelfingen Plant stated that the main projects include a new body shop, a new paint shop and a new assembly hall for the new generation of the E-Class cars. A new logistics center for the new E-Class is also in the makings at the biggest production plant of Mercedes-Benz cars in the world.
In the job department, 100 employees at Daimler who have been on temporary contracts will become in spring permanent employees, while in 2016 the number of apprentices is to be increased at 150 people.

In the following years, Daimler will renew the range of models that are produced in Sindelfingen and will also add a new model to the range, and by 2020, Mercedes-Benz Cars is planning to launch 12 new car models without a predecessor.
Next year, the Mercedes-Benz Cars Plant in Sindelfingen celebrates its 100th anniversary. The Daimler Group’s biggest production plant worldwide has more than 22,000 employees and produces at the moment the S-Class sedan and the S-Class coupe, with 3 additional versions planned. The production of the new Mercedes-AMG GT sports car is to start here in a few weeks from now.

By Gabriela Florea


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