Daimler to use X-Ray tech for enhanced passive safety image

The German parent of Mercedes-Benz and Smart has announced a new automotive safety-related collaboration that is said to increase the chances of survivability in the event of an accident.

Daimler has announced a recent partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, along with the Ernst-Mach-Institut and EMI from Freiburg. All these organizations will provide input to the Vehicle Safety department at Daimler AG, which has decided to test X-ray tests during crash evaluations. Just like in medicine, the idea is to get X-Rays of the vehicle as the crash takes place in the controlled environment – the ultra-fast X-ray systems will then show the teams how the components behave during the accident.

The engineers will get high quality images, used then in computer-based simulations. The company wants to get to the point where the computer-aided designs mirror the results that would be obtained in real-life crashes. The group has no plans to stop actual impact test, but the information from X-ray images of cars being crashed will help the group get more “crash options” during the development phase, before actually building an expensive prototype.