Daimler Trucks Relies on the New Arocs to Increase Sales in 2013 image

Daimler Trucks aims at increasing sales this year despite the fact that rivals see business severely affected by the euro zone crisis.

“We want to grow this year too, in particular in the second half, ” Renschler said on Monday. “The three new Mercedes-Benz vehicles clearly deserve a triple A rating.”

The company relies on the all-new Arocs to bring the Euro VI offensive in the heavy-duty truck segment nine months before the new emissions regulations go into effect. Even if the Actros, Antos and the new Arocs are all fitted with complex Euro VI technology, the models are more efficient than their predecessors with up to 5%.

It seems that the automaker’s investment in new vehicles pays off. If in 2011 Daimler Trucks manufactured around 426,000 vehicles, in 2012 this amount was produced in the first eleven months of the year. Renschler said that although situation continues to be tough in Europe, Mercedes-Benz manages to keep sales up mainly thanks to the new Actros. The company announced that beginning with May 2013, the new Arocs will be gradually introduced in the European market.

“Mercedes-Benz has shaped the construction sector more than any other truck manufacturer. More than two out of five Mercedes-Benz trucks sold worldwide are construction site vehicles,” said Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.