Daimler Voting Delegates to Choose Members for the Supervisory Board image

Yesterday, March 13th, more than 1,000 Daimler voting delegates came at the Messe Stuttgart to elect 10 members for the Supervisory Board representing the employees.

Daimler’s voting delegates chose 10 members for the company’s Supervisory Board representing the employees, some of them being reelected: Michael Brecht, Valter Sanches , Joerg Hofmann, Juergen Langer, Erich Klemm and Joerg Spies. Elke Toenjes-Werner, Sabine Maassen and Wolfgang Nieke were elected for the first time. Dr. Frank Weber, who was elected for the first time, will be the representative for the senior management in the new Supervisory Board. The first women employed as representatives of the Supervisory Board are Elke Toenjes and Sabine Maassen.

The Supervisory Board consists of 10 members representing the employees and 10 members representing the shareholders. The members representing the employees are chosen every five years and the period of office for the newly chosen members starts in April, after the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting which will take place in Berlin on April 10th.

On another matter, according to an anonymous source Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche might not see his contract extended again in 2016 when the current one will expire. This means that Dieter Zetsche has three years to close the gap between Mercedes-Benz and rivals Audi and BMW, and make the automaker the number one luxury brand.