Late last night, in front of a huge media crowd, Daimler AG took the wraps off the models that should rejuvenate the city car brand – Smart. To boost sales, the line-up also grew from just one model.

Developed jointly on the back of the Renault Twingo platform – thanks to the ongoing cooperation between Daimler and the Renault Nissan alliance – the new ForTwo and ForFour need to rejuvenate a brand that has suffered many setbacks since the first Smart arrived in 1998.

Smart should now have a more solid foundation – with the definitive city car – the ForTwo and a bigger sibling, the ForFour that should provide a much-needed boost to deliveries worldwide.

“The most frequent reason people don’t pick the ForTwo is because it only has two seats,” once said the Smart brand chief Annette Winkler. “A number of our customers want to stay with the brand and they said they would if we had a four-seat vehicle.”

Daimler now expects around a third of the brand’s sales to come from the four door model, which is only 600 euros more expensive than its smaller sibling. The duo should begin commercialization in Europe in November, but for the time being the ForFour is not going to be present on the US market.

Via Automotive News Europe


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