The service had been using Smart models up until recently, when it started to quietly add Mercedes-Benz vehicles to its by-the-minute car sharing program.

During the course of the year, users of the service will get to experience models such as the C-Class for about 40 cents a minute – though most likely the blue-and-white colors that Daimler uses for its Smart Fortwo Car2go will not be available on the Benz models as well. The A-to-B car rental service, is now introducing the refreshed four-door CLA sedan and GLA SUV to its North American fleets in Toronto, Vancouver, Austin, Portland, Seattle and Washington, D.C.

The service will not eliminate the Smart ForTwo models, even as more cities will get the bigger options, because Car2go says they “offer unique aspects of convenience such as fitting into even small parking spaces easily.” The new Car2go Mercedes options have “more subtle” and “more refined” branding and have the same hourly ($19) and daily ($79) rates. Apparently, up until now someone had been taking a Car2go trip every 1.4 seconds, but with the new options these figures will for sure go down even more. Daimler is seemingly investing more money and time into these mobility services now, as the competition is looking to monetize such new business cases as well.


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