Daimler’s German Union Protests Increase image

The largest labor union in Germany, IG Metall, extended its protests in the state of Baden-Württemberg, trying to get higher salaries.

Thursday, May 2nd, all 500 workers from Mercedes’ plant located in the Stuttgart suburb of Sindelfingen stopped production and more temporary walkouts are scheduled at the facility, as well as at Porsche’s main plant in Stuttgart’s Zuffenhausen district. The union wants a pay increase of 5.5%, as they rejected last month the automaker’s offer of an 2.3% raise.

“While companies post record results and shareholders are happy about generous dividend payments, employees should get a wage freeze,” IG Metall official in Baden-Wuerttemberg Joerg Hofmann, said on Wednesday. “That’s deeply antisocial, and requires our power of protest.”

On another matter, Daimler Trucks North America was not able to meet the April deadline for the negotiations with the UAW. The United Auto Workers union officials said that they have not set the date for the next meeting yet. The union’s demands are health insurance for retirees, pension protection and job security.

“Not only are we fighting for our plant (Cleveland), but we’re fighting for the whole community,” union chapter President Corey Hill said. “Manufacturers are leaving this country every day because people are not willing to stand up for what’s right.”

Source: bdlive.co.za