Daimler’s managers “forced” to drive green cars only image

The German automaker wants to give an example of “zero-emission responsibility” by imposing its managers to drive electrified company cars in the future.

The automotive industry is on a path to electrify all the mobility ways in the near future. And the trend makers have to lead the way by setting an example, Daimler believes. “This is why we are making electric mobility an integral part of the everyday lives of our top management to set an example and to provide a clear role model,” the German automaker said. The agreement applies to the company’s senior levels of management and focuses on plug-in hybrids only. Daimler already committed to further develop the technology and to promote the zero-emission driving style by expanding its product range with plug-in hybrid drive powertrains. Therefore, the top bosses will have to settle driving to work in models which have an “E” badge on their tail, like the S 500 limousine, the C 350 sedan, estate and extended-wheelbase versions, the GLE 500 e 4MATIC, the GLC 350 e 4MATIC and the new E 350 e Saloon.

In a pilot project in the wider Stuttgart region in Germany, managers across different levels are already driving the purely battery-electric-powered B 250 since April 2015. To support the trend in the region, Daimler has built 556 charging points for managers and employees so far, the company planning to make an extra 30-million-euro investment for extending charging facilities.