Daimler’s Moovel team project lets you experience being an autonomous car image

Daimler’s Moovel development lab is a think tank that looks to find creative solutions to urban mobility problems – and their latest project is literally putting you in the “shoes” of an autonomous car.

The idea is to literally put you inside an autonomous car as part of its “Who Wants to Be a Self-Driving Car” project – the concept being to integrate the human into the vehicle’s sensor array. Your friends will have a laugh when they’ll see you acting as the autonomous car because you’ll be riding on Moovel’s experimental and very small motorized cart. While not breaking any records in terms of dimensions, it still packs numerous sensors, including a 3D depth camera and lidar.

Daimler’s Moovel team project lets you experience being an autonomous car 0

The person simply mounts the platform and puts on a pair of VR goggles – there’s also a controller allowing the human to also steer, accelerate, and brake. The VR goggles are used because the human sees through them images from the 3D depth camera while other sensors detect surrounding objects and highlight them on the display – and the Lidar also shows the distance away from obstacles. Combine these elements and the human should have every necessary bit of information to safely control the “autonomous car” – or get a headache from the amount of information. The Moovel project is available for test rides at the Push UX Conference in Munich, Germany, in late October or the Kikk Festival in Namur, Belgium, in early November.