Daimler’s truck boss forecasts trouble for emerging markets in 2015 image

Wolfgang Bernhard, the chief of the Daimler trucks unit, has opted to warn that the company is unlikely to see any gains for the truck market in emerging markets next year, even as the fuel prices continue to remain low.

The Stuttgart-based truck maker, owned by the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, the third largest luxury automaker in the world, has managed to slightly increase deliveries – by 3% – this year. “In the economically challenging markets we continue to see risks,” Bernhard commented in regards to the expectations for the overall truck market next year. He added that even as the risks outweigh opportunities in countries such as Brazil, the truck maker can’t even rely on its regional home market of Europe, where the sales growth would remain sluggish at best.

Bernhard, who oversees Daimler’s trucks division further explained that even though global fuel prices had a significant drop recently the situation had no immediate impact on the habits of truck buyers and he predicts it is unlikely to trigger massive changes in the short term. For 2014 Daimler climbed truck sales by 3% to almost 500,000 units, thanks mainly in part to a 19% jump in deliveries to the North American Free Trade Agreement countries that offset losses in other regions, including Europe.

Via Reuters