Daimler’s truck business to introduce new software services image

German car and truck maker Daimler AG is mulling the expansion and update of its software services division to cater for the needs of freight operators, according to the trucks unit boss.

The new strategy is aimed at securing long-haul partnerships with the largest customers, thus producing further sales of its heavyweight vehicles. The move also comes in conjunction with the changing landscape of the automotive industry, with automakers pushing a strategy changeover from “metal” producers to producers of vehicles and associated services – especially from the “connected” category. This has major implications for mass-market and luxury producers as the automobiles become safer and highly efficient. The system, on a different scale and structure is being now mulled for trucks as well, with the potential of bringing massive savings for large fleets and their operators. “We’re aiming for a major product drive which goes way beyond what we have right now,” commented Wolfgang Bernhard during an interview at Daimler Trucks offices in Stuttgart.

The top executive said that the company’s new strategy would be developed, rolled out and then expanded in conjunction with the introduction of the current products for the US to Europe as well and ice-versa, expanding the digital business and bringing new services on the go. The truck manufacturer also believes the new services would not become self-sustainable, meaning they would not turn into a true profit centre, but rather support and trigger new vehicle sales. Having highly customizable and effective digital assets would in the end thoroughly lift customer loyalty, in Bernhard’s view, allowing the manufacturer to retain for a longer period its biggest clients.

Via Reuters