Damaged Bugatti Veyron for sale image

A crashed unit of the impressive Bugatti Veyron is currently being offered for sale after being “reinvented” on an Austrian highway.

If you have your eyes on the Bugatti Veyron and you have approximately 190, 000 euros to spend on it, and you also have a pretty good repair shop, than you have probably come to the right place, because such a model is being offered for sale. The catch is that it has been crashed but the good part is that it is on sale for 190,000 euros, which is the equivalent of 230,600 Swiss Franks, at the time of writing.

The new owner of this Bugatti Veyron will have to get the heavy damage fixed after the hypercar has been crashed, somewhere between the cities of Seebenstein and Grimmenstein, in Austria, on a highway, just a few days ago. The model in question has been produced back in early 2008 and it has travelled, so far, a total of 31,924 km. The damages seem to include just about everything, from the front, rear, doors and so on. The asking price stands at 190,000 euros which is basically not that bad considering the fact that a normal one costs approximately 1 million.

Source: axa.ricardo.ch