DAMD Japan treats the Mazda2 and Mazda CX-3 to stylish body kits image

The aftermarket specialist has decided to take the subcompact models and massage them with an aggressive body kit in a bid to really make them worthy of the “supermini” designation of their segment.

Until we get a high performance MPS (if we will, ever) the tuning aftermarket zone is the place to go if you want your small Mazdas to look apart in the crowd. Back home the Mazda2 is actually called Demio and the guys over at DAMD were not really in town to come up with a new naming scheme so they renamed their treatment as the Demio package – and the sister cars are actually treated to sister styling enhancements. The tuner has worked its magic on the flagship trim level on the Mazda2, which has LED headlights – and they also added their own LED strips at the bottom of the bumper. Other common amenities for the 2 and CX-3 include a new chin spoiler with a custom flat shape, a set of bespoke skirts with a black finish while out back the unique aero detail has also been painted silver and black.

There’s also a single large exhaust tip which has actually been connected to a 1.5-liter diesel engine, the most efficient piece of powertrain you can have on the models in Japan. The DAMD kit has not been offered on sale yet but when it does it will also include new leather seat covers and custom carpets. The sporty look is also completed by the addition of 18-inch alloy wheel and a suspension lowering kit.