Dan Akerson Auctions His 1958 Corvette for Charity image

Dan Akerson, GM’s Chairman and CEO, offers his 1958 Chevy Corvette for auction, showing his support for Habitat for Humanity Detroit.

The jaw-dropping Regal Turquoise Corvette, with a V-8 engine and 245-horsepower under its hood, will be among the models displayed on Saturday, part of Chevy’s 60th anniversary Corvette display. The money from this auction will go to Habitat for Humanity Detroit, which tries to rebuild the MorningSide Commons neighborhood in Detroit. Back in February, Akerson and his wife donated $1 million, supporting the organization to improve the MorningSide Commons neighborhood.

“The 1958 Corvette is a great example of American passion and ingenuity and my hope is that the auction will help bring attention and resources to Habitat’s efforts to revitalize a historic Detroit neighborhood,” Akerson said in a statement.

GM declared that it does not have an estimated price for the Corvette, but could tell that Chevy manufactured 9,168 units of 1958 models, and only 510 were painted the Regal Turquoise hue. Since 2010 when Akerson became CEO, he has continuously helped the Motor City making donations to several organizations such as Capuchin Soup Kitchen and So Others Might Eat, which offers permanent housing to homeless and low-income people.