Dan Akerson Confident That GM Will Meet Federal Fuel-Efficiency Target image

GM’s CEO Dan Akerson said he is confident that the automaker will manage to meet the federal fuel-efficiency target for 2025.

Dan Akerson said that what the automaker has to do is to cut the vehicles’ average weight by using lighter materials, develop an EV with a 200-mile range and introduce a new engine technology. GM and its rival automaker are pressured to meet the government’s mandate to more than double the new vehicles’ average fuel efficiency to 54.5 miles a gallon by 2025.

“We are quite confident we will achieve these goals,” Mr. Akerson said.

GM’s plan is to cut cars’ weight by 15% by 2015, which will also lead to a fuel reduction of almost 10%. Mr. Arkerson also predicts that by 2017, GM will have around 500,000 vehicles with some form of electrification on the United States roads. Currently, the US automaker is working on two Evs which would be able to run for 100 and 200 miles respectively.

“It’s a sport in some circles to poke fun at electric vehicles, especially at this early stage of their commercialization,” Mr. Akerson said. “But the era of using electricity to help improve performance and fuel economy is already here and the trend is only going to grow.”