Dan Akerson Purchases $940,000 in GM Shares image

Recently, Dan Akerson, GM CEO, has purchased 30,000 shares of GM which worth around $940,000.

Last week Akerson received 76,249 restricted stock as part of GM’s long-term incentive plan hammered out in 2009, from which two-thirds of the shares will vest on March 15, 2014 and the rest can be paid out in 2015 if Akerson remains at GM.

On Tuesday, March 20th, Akerson purchased the stock when shares were trading at $31.33 per share, compared to Wednesday morning when stock was trading for just under $25.00 per share. Since its IPO offering in November 2010, GM’s stock has hovered below the IPO price of $33 per share with fuel prices rising and investors nervous about the U.S. Treasury’s ownership stake in the automaker.

Besides the $940,000 in shares, which is significant for the investment in the company, Akerson also received in 2010 $2.53 million after just four months as GM’s chief and his total package was valued at about $9 million.