Dan Akerson wants GM to manufacture cars in Europe image

The financial crisis is slowly affecting the automotive industry and in a race to cut down expenses and increase the profit the General Motors CEO, Dan Akerson, announced that the giant has to start manufacturing cars in Europe.

“We need probably to start manufacturing Chevrolets in Europe at some point in time. That is on the strategic list”, said the GM official at a conference in Detroit.

Most of the Chevys sold in Europe are manufactured in South Korea but General Motors recently began making the Cruze model in Russia. The high-performance Corvette and Camaro are imported from North America and shipping of the company cars on the ‘Old Continent’ is “maybe not the most efficient” method, as Dan Akerson said.

The General Motors CEO didn’t announce when Chevrolet cars will be manufactured in Europe and it seems the company’s strategy is long-term.

447.000 cars with the Chevrolet badge on them were sold last year in Europe, mainly in Russia, Italy, France and Germany.