David Beckham drives a Toyota Prius image

Famous English former footballer David Beckham has been recently spotted while driving a Toyota Prius.

When it comes to celebrities and their rides, most of them are extremely predictable, and if some go towards luxury vehicles or supercars, others are into this “green” car thing which is trendy these days and it includes the Toyota Prius or the new Tesla Model S. One of the famous people who have chosen to drive a Toyota Prius is David Beckham. The 38-year old former footballer has been spotted while driving the Japanese hybrid vehicle in Los Angeles. If he’s “gone green”, at least he should have chosen the Tesla Model S.

As a small reminder, the third generation of the Toyota Prius has debuts back in March 2009, and it’s currently in production in Japan and in Thailand. This is a mid-size car with a 5-door liftback body style which has been introduced at the 2009 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit and it won the Car of the Year Japan Award for the second time, at its introduction, in 2009. The Toyota Prius has scored a top 5-star safety rating at the Euro NCAP tests, back in 2010.