David Guetta banned for life from driving image

Famous international DJ, David Guetta, isn’t the kind of guy who has a collection of rare, expensive cars but his “passion” for speed got him to a point where his driving license has been cancelled after being caught speeding several times in France.

Being one of the most important names in electronic music, David Guetta didn’t have enough free time to enjoy his speed addiction and it seems that revoking his driving license doesn’t affect him so much, as he tried to explain.

Having a successful career means that the French DJ doesn’t have enough free time to drive his cars but even so, there is a pretty huge step from there to the point where he was banned from driving for life.

It seems like the star will now have more free time to spend on his Play Station but several trips to the race track could have spared him his driving license.

If you are reading this consider our advice, go to the race track and drive as fast as you like, legally. You don’t even need a driving license for that.

  • Fido

    Banned for life ?! How many Nuns did he run over ??