David Hilton, the New Head of Exterior Design for Bentley image

Designer David Hilton is the new head of exterior design for Bentley, a position previously held by Raul Pires, a key player in Bentley evolution, who now works at Italdesign Guigiaro, the consulting firm co-founded by Giorgetto Giugiaro, in which the VW Group purchased a controlling stake in 2010.

David Hilton ran his successful design firm for 12 when he accepted the company’s job. His 20 years experience in the domain made him a valuable catch for companies such as Ford and VW, the last-generation Ford Focus RS being among his most important accomplishments. His design firm, called Motorcity Europe, was a network of designers based in Cologne, and offered research and branding consulting, listing brands such as Fiat, Jaguar, Peugeot, McLaren and many more in its client list.

“With such vast experience and creative design talent, David will be a huge asset to the team at Crewe,” Mr. van Braeckel said in a media release, referring to the English town in which Bentley is based.

The Bentley Continental GT, the most radical design from the brand since its acquisition by the VW Group, has raised the auto design to a high level. Hilton has a lot of difficult work to do to keep up with his predecessor, taking into consideration the fact that the company plans to launch new products in the following months, including an all-new SUV and a replacement for the company’s aging Continental line.