Dealers Move Cars to Protect Them from Hurricane Isaac image

Hurricane Isaac’s expected damages in the Gulf Coast, make car dealers in Louisiana put their cars to safety.

The Tropical Storm Isaac, which made the Republican National Convention organizers cancel the Tampa events on Monday, became a Category 1 hurricane and the U.S. National Hurricane Center expects it to hit the Mississippi Delta late today, possibly targeting New Orleans. As Isaac is expected to bring 75 mph winds and flooding, dealers have begun moving their cars.

Bob Israel, president of the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association in Baton Rouge, said that they fear both the flooding and the flying debris carried by the strong wind, which could damage the cars. Although it’s been 7 years since Hurricane Katrina caused damage in this area, dealers in the Metairie, a New Orleans suburb still remember the canals overflowing. They have moved select inventory to higher ground today. A dealer in the Slidell, La. area, moved the cars on Monday to a parking lot of a shopping center.

“They actually did a rehearsal last Friday, so yesterday, when they started moving cars, it went very smoothly,” Israel said. “That’s an arrangement through their insurance company. I’m sure everybody that is in an area where the dealership itself is subject to flood tries to find a place to move their cars.”