Death rate of SUV drivers decreased – least likely to die in crashes image

It might frighten you after reading that the death rates for SUVs are almost half as compared to cars. Cars are more dangerous than the bigger SUVs as confirmed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

People in SUVs are least likely to die in a crash than the others in small cars. Due to the advent of electronic stability control which is already been mandatory on the United States’ cars, one can at least prevent the kind of rollovers that plagued the Explorer during 1990s. As of now, the plague has almost started vanishing since the death rates of the SUV drivers are quite less in such types of car.

Altogether, we do have to consider that size always matters and so even after the modern advancements emerged in safety, the danger lingers with the small sized cars.

Yet, if we consider the exact report, until now 66 percent direct fall in SUV drivers death has been reported between the model generations, 1999-2000 where 82 per million vehicles rate dropped to 28 per million in 2005-2008.

The senior vice president for research in IIHS Anne McCartt has said that the rollover risk in SUVs used to overweigh their size/weight advantage, but that is no longer the case.

By Sunita Mandal