December sales: Germany up 5.4%; 2013 sales down 4.2% image

215,320 passenger cars were registered in Germany, in December 2013, up 5.4 % more than in December 2012. The annual total stands at 2.95 million new cars, which is 4.2 % less than in 2012.

Volkswagen, despite a decline (-4.6%), with a share of 21.8 %, remains the market leader while Mercedes, for example, almost reached the previous year’s result (-1, 4%). The import brands posted different results from 2012: while Jaguar (+30.1%) and Seat (+22.4%) showed significant increases, Alfa Romeo (-51.7%) and Lancia (-46.1%) found second digit declines.

The proportions of gasoline (50.9%) and diesel-powered (47.5) cars were almost identical. The proportion of new vehicles with alternative drive systems increased from 1.3 to 1.6 percent, including 26 348 hybrids. In 2013, twice as many were electric passenger cars (6,051). The CO 2 emissions of the cars went back further in 2013, to an average of 136.4 g/km .

The share of private registrations went in 2013 to 37.9 percent (2012: 38.2%). The preferred colors for new vehicles are still black (28.3%) and gray (27.7%). The proportion of white cars has risen further to 17.9 %.

Over half of all new registrations accounted for the segments “small car” (16.3%), “compact” (25.6%) and “middle” (12.6%), with the compact class again accounting for the largest share with a quarter. The SUVs showed the strongest growth with 8.6 %.

In the commercial vehicle market the best performers were buses with an increase of 13.3 percent on the previous year’s level. The trucks (-2.3%) and the tractor unit (-3.7%) ended the year with a slight decline. The motorcycles did not quite reach the result of 2012 (140,889) with 138,632 new registrations.