Defective Takata airbag inflators prompt JLR recall of 54,000 units image

Some 24, 000 Jaguar XF cars and about 30, 000 models from Range Rover have been affected by the latest safety campaign concerning the defective airbag inflators manufactured by Japanese company Takata.

Looking like a never-ending story, the Takata airbag debacle has written another chapter – with Jaguar Land Rover delivering yet another campaign in the United States where it will call back to dealers a total of 54,000 autos. This is the first episode in a four-iteration wave of recalls, and the total tally for the affected vehicles will go up to 108,000 units at the end. 20,000 Jaguar XF cars from the 2009-2011 mode years need to have the front passenger airbag inflators replaced while 34,000 Range Rovers from the 2007-2011 model years also get them replaced due to the increased hazard of the inflator’s malfunction. When the inflator housing ruptures, according to the worst case scenario the airbag will function abnormally in the event of an accident and the metal fragments could actually seriously threaten the health of the people inside.

The company has decided to break down the entire 108,000 run into waves because it lacks the necessary replacement parts, prioritizing cars based on their geographic zone and also on the vehicle’s age. Owners can visit to see if their vehicle is included in the affected lot. The Tata Motors-headed company said the current model range has not been affected by the recall.