Famous Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is facing a lawsuit for racist remarks after using the N-word for a comparison during a test drive.

Jeremy Clarkson is one difficult man as we all found out over the years and his newest “adventure” is dragging him into a lawsuit for racist remarks. If this seems all too familiar, don’t worry, you’re not the only ones. Jezza has used the N-word in a comparison during a test drive between the Toyota GT 86 and its brother, the Subaru BRZ.

In the video in question, Clarkson is repeating the children’s rhyme of “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” while picking between the two cheap sports cars and he even mumbles for a bit, but it’s not clear if he is really using the N-word. It’s not sure whether this is a simple “battle” between Clarkson and The Mirror but the Top Gear host is denying the tabloid’s allegations.

“I did not use the n word. Never use it. The Mirror has gone way too far this time”, said Jeremy Clarkson on his official Twitter account.

Whether this will transform into a racist lawsuit remains unknown but the dispute will most likely end up in a court of law. One thing left to say: Jezza, if you have really used the N-word, be a man and admit it! I’m sure you will lose some fans on the way but you will at least be appreciated for your honesty!


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