At the 2010 Paris Auto Show, Lotus unveiled the impressive Elan concept with the full intention of bringing it back in production form by 2013.

Now it appears that Lotus has realized the unmistakable similarities between the existing Evora and the planned Elan, causing the automaker to put the brakes on the Elan until at least 2016, says Car and Driver.
The Elan was originally scheduled to be launched in 2013 or 2014, most likely as the replacement for the Evora. Instead, the Evora will receive a significant faceliftto bring its styling in line with the sharp and angular look that Lotus is going for, and will now live on for at least another five to six years.
Until the Esprit (another of Lotus’s Paris debutants) arrives in 2013, the Evora alone will be responsible for carrying the Lotus brand. Production of the iconic and beloved Elise and Exige ends this summer.
Even if the Esprit lands in showrooms on schedule—and Lotus assures us that the supercar is still coming in 2013—a substantial six-figure price tag will mean that the Evora has to account for most of the Lotus brand’s sales in the U.S.


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