Delphi Automotive 2011 Financial Results image

Delphi Automotive PLC declared a profit raise in the fourth quarter. The revenue rose 7% due to the company’s strong growth in Asia and Europe, and thanks to the rising global production.

Delphi is a leading global vehicle components manufacturer that provides electronic and electrical, safety, powertrain and thermal technology solutions for the global commercial and automotive vehicle markets.

The company reported the revenues of the fourth quarter 2011 of $3.9 billion, meaning an increase of about 7% over the previous year, and fourth quarter net income of $290 million (an increase of $215 million).

“Our ability to generate strong financial performance in the fourth quarter and for the full year is a result of our focus on flawless execution and providing market-relevant technologies to the world’s leading automakers. Our robust business model, operational excellence and industry-leading cost structure position us to provide continued superior returns to our stakeholders,” said Rodney O’Neal, president and chief executive officer.

The full year 2011results are as follows: 2011 revenue of $16.0 billion (increase of 16.1% over 2010), $1.1 billion net income ($631 million in 2010), $2.1 billion EBITDA (increase of $758 million over $1.4 billion in 2010), $123 million interest expense ($30 million in 2010), $305 million tax expense ($258 million in 2010), $1.4 billion generated net cash flow ($1.1 billion in 2010).

Total debt outstanding on December 31, 2011- $2.1 billion.