Delphi brings a new 48-volt battery image

The supplier reveled a new 48-volt mild hybrid technology that claims to bring major advantages to the electrification trend.

The London-based auto parts manufacturer Delphi Automotive unveiled this week its 48-volt vehicle solution that “could prove pivotal for automakers in meeting future emission regulations without sacrificing performance for customers.” The supplier confirmed it was working with two global automakers and could see the technology fitted in new cars within 18 months, but without naming them. To showcase its new system, Delphi has put the 48-volt battery into a Honda Civic 1.6-liter diesel vehicle and made a demonstration at the company’s annual investors update. The high-voltage setup promises to minimize the demand on the engine, improving performance while lowering CO2 emissions by more than 10 percent. The new battery managed to increase Civic’s low-end torque by an average 25 percent, the company said.

“This is not only a significant step forward with reinventing the electrical architecture for dual voltage capability, it is also a triumph of software,” Jeff Owens, Delphi’s chief technology officer said. “This intelligent approach to vehicle power, wiring and data management will not only improve fuel efficiency, but will also enable a world-class driving experience while providing additional power for active safety systems and increased connectivity in the car.”

Delphi sees great potential in its innovation. “One out of every 10 cars sold globally in 2025 will be a 48-volt, mild hybrid,” said Owens. “To put that into perspective, that’s 11 million units a year – three times the volume of pickup trucks sold annually and more than half of the world’s anticipated diesel passenger car market.” It is estimated that 11 million 48-volt mild hybrid vehicles would reduce oil consumption by four billion gallons (more than 15 billion liters) over the life of the fleet.