While General Motors keeps saying all answers will be given after an internal investigation is completed, even though the US federal regulator NHTSA is fining the company each day, lawmakers are now turning to Delphi Automotive.

The auto parts supplier is the maker of the defective ignition switch, and the probe investigators are now turning their attention towards the company in order to find more answers to why General Motors continued to use the defective part – in a recall that spans 2.6 million cars and linked to at least 30 crashes and 13 deaths.

In a letter from a group of US senators Delphi’s Chief Executive Officer Rodney O’Neal, was asked to provide information on the fact the supplier proposed a fix that GM did not accept.

“It is our understanding that a fix was proposed by Delphi regarding the ignition switch in 2005 but GM did not adopt the change,” the letter said. “As we continue evaluating the GM recall it is critically important that we understand the decisions made by Delphi and the company’s interaction with GM.”

The congressional investigation has so far been on a fixed focus on General Motors and the US federal safety regulator – the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, both being probed in regards to the very late response to the defect – which was known for years.

Via Reuters


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