Design experts imagine a Bugatti-engined off-road hypercar to slap Bentley’s Bentayga image

It appears the next rage in terms of crossovers/SUVs will be to have them rolling with enough luxury bells and whistles to require six digit base prices and deliver seven figure profits.

It’s just us or the auto world has gone crazy once Bentley’s Bentayga has been tipped to snatch lots of money from the planet’s billionaires? Never mind this question, it’s rhetorical. In case the flurry of crossovers/SUVs from luxury and ultra-luxury automakers was not enough, here’s a design proposition for the one “ring to rule them all”. We’re talking of course about the most over the top automobile producer – Bugatti. In case they want to deliver a second model that would cater for the clients looking for hypercar off-road abilities (there’s a simpler solution to this anyway – just go buy a heavily tuned beach buggy) then the Turin-based CAMAL design center has already got them covered – thanks to their latest project, the Ramusa all-wheel drive hybrid hypercar.

The name translates into a not so luxurious “lizard” in Piedmontese dialect (though it might sound better than Bentayga) and what we have here is a high-performance vehicle with off-road abilities thanks to the use of AWD and a higher than usual ground clearance. To make the Bugatti connection – as the design frankly has nothing to do with the French automaker’s style – the powertrain option has been snatched directly from the Bugatti EB110: 3.5-liter V12 quad-turbo. They also took for granted the chassis and other elements, but the arrangement is actually a hybrid one, as the AWD is delivered through the use of a central electric motor. Prospective owners would get at least 800 hp (597 kW) and the Ramusa is 170 inches (4320 mm) long and 79.5 inches (2020 mm) wide. Although there’s a 250-mm ground clearance, the model still rides low at 51 inches (1300 mm) and has been nicely fitted with a lightweight plastic body cladding and carbon fiber bits and pieces. By the way, Camal has also talked about delivering the concept into limited production but we’re pretty sure the Bugatti guys won’t indulge in delivering the powertrain – and not only because it’s actually more than 20 years old.