Despite modest increase, Nissan sales still set record image

Nissan’s global sales reached a record for the first six months of the company’s fiscal year as the Japanese automaker reported deliveries climbed to 2.45 million units in markets across the globe.

The Japanese automaker is now focused on emerging markets as it tries to catch up to rivals. On the other hand, the rather unimpressive sales increase this year has the company short of its sales targets for the fiscal year.

“As we look forward to fiscal 2013, we expect the global automotive industry to set yet another volume record, growing to over 81 million units. Based on the continued execution of our power 88 mid-term plan strategies and initiatives and our strong product offerings, we project Nissan unit sales to grow to 5,300,000 units for the year,” the company said in its annual report to shareholders.

Like many important competitors, Nissan’s strategy has been to change its attention from traditional markets in Europe, Japan and North America to China and other emerging markets that, according to many forecasts, could rule the automotive sales charts in the years to come.

Nissan said last week that Brazil, Russia, China and India – the so-called BRIC countries — already make up for 30% of sales for the combined Renault-Nissan Alliance. The Japanese side added that it’s critical to head there early on and also invest in the “BRICs of Tomorrow,” which include “Emerging Asia,” countries such as Indonesia or Myanmar.