Despite troubled global forecast, BMW sees growth in 2015 image

Even though the economic expansion in the core market region of Europe has again stalled, and elsewhere around the world geopolitical risks continue to grow, the largest luxury automaker in the world sees its deliveries climbing to new heights next year.

With more than 40% of the company’s sales heading towards the European continent, BMW is very susceptible to the mood swings of the business activity in the region, but the Munich-based carmaker forecasts that increased demand would buoy the sales of its models such as the 3-Series, 5-Series and X5. “The world has got a few bumps in the road at the moment,” BMW sales chief Ian Robertson told Reuters. “We still see that there is more opportunity for growth than downside risks next year.” The managers at BMW remain confident they would see growth thanks to confident customers in the US, China and some parts of Europe.

Even as the initial predictions called for a “significant” sales growth in 2014, the company last month refreshed its forecast to a more restrained “solid” climb this year, though the automaker continued to believe it would surpass the 2 million units mark. BMW also plans to restructure parts of its businesses – with the Mini range trimmed to five from seven models in the years to come. The “i” brand also didn’t provide the expected sales growth – after investments worth billions of euros – though the original targets for 2014 for the i3 electric model are expected to be fulfilled next year.

Via Reuters