Dethleffs e.home – go green with a solar-assisted electric motorhome image

While this fully-electric motorhome might not save the world on its own, it’s actually a great solution for remote camping sites – who either feature no electric outlets or simply reside in the middle of nowhere (read remote nature location).

Dethleffs, the company producing this machine has simply decided to call it the e.home, with the EV motorhome packing no less than 334 square feet / 31 square meters worth of solar power cells. Within peak operating range, it can supply up to 3 kW of additional power. Unfortunately the Dethleffs e.home is still just a concept, with the German company refraining from delivering a complete specifications list – so we lack interesting figures such as the battery capacity. We do know the e.home in its top version will be capable of 103 miles (165 km). There’s also a non-camper version providing up to 174 miles (280 km) of range according to the very optimistic NEDC rating, with up to 140 miles (225 km) of real world usage.

Dethleffs e.home – go green with a solar-assisted electric motorhome 1

The company said the all-electric motorhome packs an 80-kilowatt (107-horsepower) electric motor that has the option to combine with different battery packs. Dethleffs has also devised an integrated build concept – optimizing everything in order to keep the e.home as efficient as possible. There are phase-change materials to absorb heat and release it when needed, based on the day-night temperature cycle, while a second heating source consists of infrared heating panels in the floor, walls, and even the furniture. With its eyes set on the future, the e.home also has a Mobileye monitoring system for driver assistance and the CampConnect smartphone app, along with all needed amenities – kitchen, bathroom, flat-screen television, and sleeping quarters with privacy window panels.