Detroit: Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition is a tribute to 1963 concept image

For the 50th anniversary of its 1963 Turbine concept car, Chrysler will unveil in Detroit a new special edition version of the 300S sedan.

The Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition is a tribute to original turbine-powered study and sports special details including a “Turbine Bronze” matte exterior paint (the same as the 1963 car) and Gloss Black painted roof.

The car also has a more pronounced fascia with different upper and lower grilles and darkened headlights. Other striking details of the 300S Turbine Edition are its 22-inch turbine-styled alloy wheels, smoked taillight bezels, a body color deck-lid spoiler and black window frames.

For the time being, Chrysler says the 300S Turbine Edition will remain a one-off car. The 300S Turbine Edition will share the limelight with the new 2013 Chrysler 300 Motown Edition.

Chrysler’s 1963 Turbine concept was the first vehicle in the world powered by a gas turbine engine. Of the original 55 units that were built, only nine survived and are now displayed in museums and private collections. Chrysler’s turbine project was ended in 1977.