Detroit Electric announces arrival of full range image

The startup, located in the Netherlands, has recently promised details about its upcoming range of zero emissions models and is now delivering the first teaser sketch highlighting the diversity of its future models.

Detroit Electric is teasing in one go a sports car, a sedan, and a crossover – with the company that revived the former American brand with European leadership presenting its ambitions during the Cenex’s Low Carbon Vehicles (LCV) 2017 event happening at Millbrook in Bedfordshire, the United Kingdom. The electric vehicle manufacturer looks ready to try and combat Tesla – though we’re going to have to wait for years before that happens, because they are signaling work on all three models will kick off in the next couple of years, with final production variants arriving in three years’ time.

The Leamington Spa-based automaker might have the means to achieve this sizeable goal, thanks to a recent cash injection of $1.8 billion from a joint venture agreement. The bigger part of the financial aid will be invested to significantly expand its engineering and manufacturing center in Leamington Spa to create “a state-of-the art R&D facility, alongside its China facilities.” The brand first appeared back in 1907, but died out soon and was revived back in 2008 – Detroit has the track-focused Lotus-based SP:01, but it has so far failed to achieve the promised mass production.