Detroit Electric announced it will delay by a month production in North America of its first vehicle.

Detroit Electric has been revived after 70 years by a former Lotus Engineering Group executives, but the automaker has not managed to officially finalize a manufacturing plant in Wayne County, said the electric sports car maker’s North American CEO Don Graunstadt.

The company has chosen a partially occupied plant in Plymouth Township and hopes to sign a deal for this space soon. The first Detroit Electric vehicle will be the SP:01 sports car, which was to hit the assembly line in August. Now production is expected to begin sometime in October at the plant which will have an initial production capacity of 2,500 vehicles and employ around 100 workers. The company plans to sell 999 SP:01 sports cars, to raise money for the next sports car.

“It’s a little frustrating but we’re moving forward,” Graunstadt said of the delays.

The vehicle will also be produced for the European market at a plant in the Netherlands. The delay related to the North American manufacturing site, has also pushed back the hiring process. Detroit Electric will host a job fair this month, and Graunstadt says the automaker will be ‘picky’ in choosing its workers.

Source: The Detroit News


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