Detroit Electric delivers the first production SP:01 image

The exotic manufacturer has passed an important milestone, their first SP:01built in production specification has been delivered to the company’s Chinese distributor Jowett Motors.

The model and its keys were passed along during a dedicated ceremony in the United Kingdom, where the white SP:01 was handed over to Jowett Motors Chairman Dr Richard Lee Detroit Electric Head of Engineering Ben Boycott. Afterwards the SP:01 will be packed and shipped to China to perform the demonstrator vehicle duties that might attract more clients and produce orders for the newly established producer.

The SP:01 is expected to reach certain dealerships in Asia and Europe soon and has been billed as the “world’s lightest and fastest two-seat pure-electric sports car.” The Tesla Roadster if still available and churning out the factory line in Freemont, California might have argued with that but then again the past is past. Looking like something that actually came from Lotus (the owner of Detroit Electric is a Lotus alumni and the model uses an Elise chassis), the SP:01 wears a carbon fiber body and its powertrain consists of an electric motor that delivers 281 horsepower. This will suffice for the sprint to 60 miles per hour (96 km/h) taking place in 3.7 seconds before hitting a maximum speed of 155 mph. “We are extremely proud to team up with Jowett Motors, a company that has an exceptional track record in the establishment and selling of exclusive, high performance sports cars in the Chinese market,” commented Detroit Electric CEO Albert Lam. He added the company was preparing for full scale production and also wants to establish a range of electric vehicles in the near future.

Detroit Electric delivers the first production SP01