General Motors Co has invested 300 million dollars to upgrade and automate its Detroit-Hamtramck plant for its new 2016 Cadillac CT6 luxury sedan, according to a company executive’s statement.

Cadillac President, Johan de Nysschen, said in remarks regarding the Washington Auto Show that a part of the investment is represented by the construction of a new body shop suited with 205 robots, construction which was created to use advanced manufacturing technique such as aluminum laser welding.

The 2016 CT6 is the new flagship sedan from Cadillac and the first one to use a new naming scheme, which, like many of Cadillac’s auto competitors, uses numbers and letters. De Nysschen, who has previously worked for Infiniti, stated that the 2016 Cadillac CT6 will be placed between the CTS and the XTS sedans and it will be later on joined by a more expensive car model that is going to be named CT8 or CT9.

The newly upgraded plant has received improvements ahead of the production of the redesigned 2016 Chevrolet Volt which will take place in the summer and which has been revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. The Detroit-Hamtramck plant also produces the ELR hybrid coupe, Cadillac’s partner for the Volt sedan.

General Motors Co has made this big investment with the faulty ignition switch cases in the background as the company has set aside an initial $400 million to cover all the costs of the claims’ compensations on behalf of those who had been injured or killed because of that.

By Gabriela Florea


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