The new Mercedes CLA will give the company access to a new generation of buyers says sales and marketing chief Joachim Schmidt.

He wants to attract the so-called Generation Y – the young and young at heart.

Schmidt said: “This car gives us the chance to draw customers we didn’t have access to before, especially in markets where the A-class isn’t sold. This will be the foundation if our future growth, appealing to Generation Y buyers and those young at heart.

“These Generation Y buyers will bring down the average age of our customers, and also most likely, be conquest customers from other brands – that’s why the CLA is so important to us.”

The CLA, which actually will not get its public debut until the end of the month, was shown off at a special media reception. It remains close to the Concept Style Coupe from last year.

Due in UK showrooms in May, the CLA will be priced around £25,000. There will also be performance AMG version with a turbocharged. 2-litre engine.


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