Digital artist dreams of track-exclusive Aston Martin DB11 image

The British automaker hasn’t revealed any plans surrounding the possibility of turning the DB11 into a fully fledged racer, but we can only hope that will happen before or after the arrival of the open-top Volante in 2018.

There’s hope to be had, since Aston Martin has been incredibly successful in GT racing in recent years – from the debut in 2005 of the DBR9 to the DBRS9 and V12 Vantage, who have been racing successfully in the GT3 class, in numerous series around the world. It’s also a lucrative case – since many private teams have been shelling out loads of cash towards AM to deliver these racers. Now Aston’s lineup is gearing up for the new generation, so naturally everyone is looking forward to an equal measure of motorsport activities.

While there’s still no official word from the carmaker itself, here’s an independent proposal for the DB11 racer. And we’re hoping the designers back in Gaydon will take notice because the design is gorgeous. There are huge fenders, as well as massive front spoiler and rear wing to deliver the needed downforce. The details are also important – such as the hood nostrils delivering more air to the 5.2-liter, V12 engine’s two turbos.

Via Rain Prisk Design