Young professionals, much like Yevheniy Bratchyk, a freelance industrial designer from Ukraine that penned the design, might feel attracted to this two door electric sports car coupe.

The emergence of Tesla as a successful electric automaker is bringing about start-up competitors already, and designers are no stranger to the idea of revolutionizing electric mobility. The digital artist’s vision includes a new brand – THX – and comes with a vehicle to rival the current team of electric vehicle manufacturers. While today’s automakers are deeply entrenched in reality, his idea is “created by people that are crazy about science-fiction movies.” This is why we’re looking at a spaceship-looking two-door coupe, aimed directly at “young customers aged between 18 and 30.” Open the supercar doors and it will have enough space for two persons.


Free of any constraints, the design is of course unique – and there are no windshield or windows, suggesting the vehicle will be fully autonomous. The race-inspired aerodynamics though propose both driverless and human capabilities, so we know the carbon fiber is put to good use. The interior has not been shown, nor the powertrain explained, but the designer contends the model would reach the year 2030, mostly “on highways, connecting cities and suburbs.”


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