Ever thought about Porsche doing base specification models that would allow customers to snatch one at a lower price tag than ever before – while this certainly will never happen, we still like the idea.

We have here Hungarian digital artist X-Tomi, who has delivered lots of renders of future models and also likes from time to time to play with current versions. He calls them Base Spec versions – and today it’s the turn of the newly released 718 Cayman to go through the process. All these Base Spec models take luxury vehicles to morph them into pretty ridiculous models – this case in point – though we pretty much like the idea of a Porsche for the masses. Let’s see to it then. For many people a Cayman is more than enough to get the vibe of the Porsche brand – though at over 50, 000 euros for the unit it’s certainly not for the masses.

This accessible version then would need to strip down the vehicle to its basics. A regular 718 Cayman, now using four-cylinder turbo mills, will still deliver 300 hp out of the two-liter. Go for the S and you’ll get another half liters of displacement and power jumps by 50 hp as well. Keeping it real, something lower than the two liter is simply unimaginable. So, Porsche would need to go for steel wheels, black plastic bumpers and side sills. The exterior would also have to be complimented by a stripped down interior – so we imagine a radio and manual air conditioning are more than enough.

Via X-Tomi


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