Digital artist imagines the 2017 BMW 5 Series image

Unfortunately, we’re not coming up with an exclusive picture of the hotly anticipated new generation BMW 5 Series. While this looks totally spot on, it’s still a digital render and not the real Bavarian deal.

The guys over at BMW Blog have decided to try their hand on a speculative depiction of the upcoming new generation 5 Series that will most likely receive its worldwide official premiere sometimes later this year. The new G30 generation of the 5 Series is out there testing, which is why the Internet is full of spy shots with the model, meaning this speculative render might actually come pretty close to what the Bavarian house will have to offer. The hotly anticipated midsize saloon is going to come to the party to fight off the newly introduced generation of the Mercedes E Class and it seems the same recipe will be applied. That means we’re probably dealing with a shrunk 7 Series. Still, this digital artist interpretation looks pretty distinct – though we might suspect this is the case with the chosen model, a 550i version wrapped in the optional M Sport Package.

The evolutionary design is pretty much given after what we’ve seen on the 7 Series and the smaller 5 with its shorter overhangs might nail the proportions even better. We’re pretty much certain the largest luxury automaker in the world will reveal the G30 5 Series this fall and the roster will be supplemented afterwards with the practical Touring,. After wards we’re also getting a new edition of the very slow selling and ugly 5 Series Gran Turismo (GT), which can only get better considering how utterly disgraceful is the current one.