Digital artist imagines the upcoming Bugatti Chiron Grand Sport image

What we have here is just another spectacular render of the possible evolution of the Bugatti Chiron into the open-top Grand Sport body style.

The ultra-exclusive French automaker with German, VW Ag, parentage has already announced it will only deliver 500 units of the all-new Chiron hypercar and the orders have already been pouring in – and that was even before the actual official unveiling took place in March in front of the audience of the Geneva Motor Show. First lucky owners are apparently going to take delivery of the latest hypercar starting October – and the manufacturer has already said that fewer than 350 units are still available, because so far “interest has been exceptional” – even though Chiron’s starting price is much higher than of the Veyron back in the day. Bugatti will only churn out the factory gates 65 units per year and we’re ready for the plethora of special versions and limited edition runs of the car.

But since the Veyron had its roadster Grand Sport as a main body style, we’re pretty much sure this will again be the case. So one of the well known render masterminds has decided to have a go at the possible look of the Chiron Grand Sport. By the way, if you don’t remember, back in 2006 when the Veyron Grand Sport premiered, it was capable of 224 miles per hour (360 km/h) with the roof down and 253 mph (407 km/h) when covered. The Chiron Grand Sport is reportedly coming slower, in 2018, and the model is also set to receive a Targa variant as well.

Via Theophilus Chin